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Reinterpreting the Social Model of Disability to be More Inclusive and Less Confusing

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“Sick” feels like failure

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A Night in the PICU

It was just Before Christmas in the PICU when the second of two brothers was declared brain-dead. The parents couldn’t bear being present this time. It was late at night when we gathered in t…

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Theory & Technique

Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP) is an interactional, body-based group therapy that enables one to recreate past experiences in order to compensate for emotional deficits earlier in life. Dev…

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In “Childhood Disrupted”, Donna Jackson Nakazawa explains how your biography becomes your biology…and that you really can heal

ACEs Too High

childhood-disruptedcovIf you want to know why you’ve been married three – or more — times. Or why you just can’t stop smoking. Or why the ability to control your drinking is slipping away from you. Or why you have so many physical problems that doctors just can’t seem to help you with. Or why you feel as if there’s no joy in your life even though you’re

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Top Twenty Mexican Slang (Top Ten Mexican Slang Part 2)

No Hay Bronca

The most popular post on this blog is Top Ten Mexican Slang. But for sure ten words don´t even scratch the surface of slang here in Mexico.

I hear these words every day. Unlike the original Top Ten Mexican Slang, in this post every word has a PG rating. Maybe PG-13.


Pinche could have been in the original top ten. It translates to many words in English, damn for example, but only when used to describe something.

“¡Pinche coche!” – damn car

“Pinche Juan” – goddamn Juan


Mande is the Mexican way to ask what or excuse me, when you don’t understand what someone said. It can also be used like tell me.


Neta can be used in several ways, but often like really? or for real?

“Estoy pedo, pero ya me tengo que ir a la chamba.”



Ahora means now

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Fucking With Love

I haven’t been posting as much as I used to, and I feel moved to explain why. How could I abandon my (mostly) anonymous readers, leaving them stranded in a sea of unironic listicles, meaningless se…

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