Mutiny of the Soul || Charles Eisenstein

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

(editor’s note) — A friend of mine shared the below article by Charles Eisenstein with me. It was first written in 2006. I responded with this when I read it:

OMG, yes, thank you!
Eisenstein says, “What if there is something so fundamentally wrong with the world, the lives, and the way of being offered us, that withdrawal is the only sane response?”

— uh, yeah…that’s what life forced upon me and I cannot regret even the dark ugliness of it anymore because it has, indeed, made my sanity clear.

The below is a beautiful and important article which articulates much of what I have been discovering on my journey too. Please read it. We need a population that is aware of what is happening. 

Mutiny of the Soul

By Charles Eisenstein 

mutinyDepression, anxiety, and fatigue are an essential part of a process of metamorphosis that is unfolding on the planet today…

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