I’m an ass, you’re an ass

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

I was joking around on twitter and my personal FB page when I posted:

A self-help book: The people you think are assholes think you’re an asshole too.

A friend shared that Anthony DeMello once talked about writing a book called, “You’re an ass, I’m an ass.” So I looked it up and found an article from which I’ve excerpted the below, because, well, we’re all asses and Anthony DeMello speaks to this truth quite beautifully.

He also goes on to talk about how one can be with mood states and not get involved with them. Something I’ve been learning and practicing on this healing journey.  One can be witness to what goes on in the body/mind and simply look on interested while being just fine even with what would have been at one time rather destabilizing. There is a fine teaching in the below paragraph.

loveThere’s a lovely saying…

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