Everyone suffers

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

A response to a reader on Facebook who was considering with me the nature of suffering in light of the fact that we’d both suffered iatrogenic brain injury by psychiatric drugs — an excruciatingly painful, often bizarre and therefore alienating, experience:

sunsetYou know, everyone suffers. I frankly had to stop myself from assuming that I had it worse than the person I was next to. We really don’t know. I started to practice realizing I don’t know what others have suffered. I started realizing that competing for having suffered more than everyone else was a losing battle…especially for me…and yeah, it does lend itself to just having a bad time. We really do have to accept ourselves before others will accept us. I’m not sure this is helpful…but I think that your recognizing this and talking about it means you’re ready to let it go….and let yourself be happy…what if you…

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