Clarification: Feminism vs Equalism

ForeverAwkward (And Maybe Learning)

The most consistent and vitriolic critique I got to the open letter I wrote in response to Ms. Treasurywala was, as I expected, a reaction to the use of the word ‘feminism’. There’s a reason I call it the F word. It makes people cringe. It brings out emotions, and ideas that contradict and confuse.

So. WHY do I insist on using the word ‘feminism’, and not ‘equalism’? Because we haven’t earned the right to use that word yet.

The word ‘equalist’ is a slide into complacency. Being an ‘equalist’ makes you totally inoffensive. Equalists tend to be afraid of conflict and want to be *liked*. Men, specifically, who call themselves are wilfully ignoring the challenges women DO face, despite years and yards of progress.

When we talk about equality, in a lot of cases men are already hold the standard that women are trying to achieve. Pay gaps? Being afraid…

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