What is a teacher? (or who is a therapist, counselor, etc)


Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

These are principles that can be carried to any and all “helping” relationships. Everyone we interact with is always our equal. If someone treats us otherwise we should avoid them if at all possible.

“The very establishment of a “spiritual teacher” and a “student”, as someone who knows and someone who doesn’t, makes direct, and open, useful, dialogue all but impossible. True learning only occurs when it becomes folk meeting “now, now, now” and sharing the truth of where they are, and what they have discovered, freely and openly w/o an agenda or template of how something “ought” to be. Everyone has something to teach…

As a recent youTube video dialogue “What is a teacher?” discusses, everything is a teacher if you are open to it. It can be the person in line w/you @ the supermarket, your kids and/or partner, your pets, the trees, the sun shining across the…

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