Ecstatic dance heals (and what it looks like when it’s happening)

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

ecstaticI can feel both dance and music changing and healing my brain’s neurons. Seriously. We can change our brains and I’m doing it. Neuroplasticity. There is a multitude of ways to heal.My self-directed protocol involves many different things.

A friend of mine asked today what ecstatic dance looks like. I’ve tried to find good videos on youtube and it’s really hard to find anything that catches the essence for me. What happens on the dance floor is actually very intimate and I suppose that is why there aren’t all that many videos online. Filming and photography isn’t allowed in the community I dance with. In any case, I’ve collected a few videos below that together might help people get a feeling for what dancing in community looks and feels like.

Dancing is a practice and discipline. The ecstatic aspect can be light or dark. People might cry either in…

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