Trauma can potentially impact the body and mind for life

I have this in my wishlist!

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

I just got this book in the mail, The Body Keeps the Score. I’m excited about reading it. I’m going to do lots of posts on it because I think it’s likely to be one of the most important books published to help understand our societies mental health landscape.

Here is an excerpt from a review from New Scientist:

KEEP SCOREVan der Kolk draws on 30 years of experience to argue powerfully that trauma is one of the West’s most urgent public health issues. The list of its effects is long: on mental and physical health, employment, education, crime, relationships, domestic or family abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction. “We all want to live in a world that is safe, manageable… predictable, and victims remind us that this is not always the case,” says van der Kolk. When no one wants to hear about a person’s trauma, it finds a way to…

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