There is Strength in Knowing the Many Faces of courage

I stumbled onto this blog while looking for some verse that Bonnie St. John wrote in a little book called The Strength of Women. These are fine words that apply to a one struggling. MM


As I am about to go through another HOMECOMING WEEK at NSU, I sit and realize that it is the calm before the storm.  Well it’s actually storming outside as I type, but that’s just a coincidence.

I will be overwhelmed next week, and that is an understatement of the century! But I am choosing to deal with it like another day in a job that I love.  How you approach the difficult times in your life that proves to the world and you, that you are a WARRIOR!

In times like these, I don’t sleep much.  I over think everything. I look at all of the details of every event.  It’s hard to not make a mistake but I try my hardest to keep them to a minimum.

Several words from a poem by Bonnie St. John, in the Strength of Women book, really caught my attention today.  It’s…

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