Chronic pain (psych drug withdrawal induced and chronic pain in general too)

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

mandSomeone on  the Surviving Antidepressants Withdrawal Support Board inquired about pain relief yesterday. So I linked to a couple of posts where I speak about the chronic pain of withdrawal as well as listing many of the myriad of things I’ve learned to do to manage and ease pain. I thought I’d share those links here today. I’m also sharing a few other links to posts with general information about the sorts of pains those of us in severe withdrawal often face.

I use many methods for relief of the pain at once…including yoga and meditation and supplements and diet and epsom salt baths…like all aspects of health I’ve learned, that pain too is a deeply holistic experience. Everything matters.

I don’t imagine the combination of what works for me is going to be exactly applicable to anyone else. It’s more important to learn to listen to ones particular…

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