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Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP) is an interactional, body-based group therapy that enables one to recreate past experiences in order to compensate for emotional deficits earlier in life. Dev…

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In “Childhood Disrupted”, Donna Jackson Nakazawa explains how your biography becomes your biology…and that you really can heal

ACEs Too High

childhood-disruptedcovIf you want to know why you’ve been married three – or more — times. Or why you just can’t stop smoking. Or why the ability to control your drinking is slipping away from you. Or why you have so many physical problems that doctors just can’t seem to help you with. Or why you feel as if there’s no joy in your life even though you’re

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Top Twenty Mexican Slang (Top Ten Mexican Slang Part 2)

No Hay Bronca

The most popular post on this blog is Top Ten Mexican Slang. But for sure ten words don´t even scratch the surface of slang here in Mexico.

I hear these words every day. Unlike the original Top Ten Mexican Slang, in this post every word has a PG rating. Maybe PG-13.


Pinche could have been in the original top ten. It translates to many words in English, damn for example, but only when used to describe something.

“¡Pinche coche!” – damn car

“Pinche Juan” – goddamn Juan


Mande is the Mexican way to ask what or excuse me, when you don’t understand what someone said. It can also be used like tell me.


Neta can be used in several ways, but often like really? or for real?

“Estoy pedo, pero ya me tengo que ir a la chamba.”



Ahora means now

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Fucking With Love

I haven’t been posting as much as I used to, and I feel moved to explain why. How could I abandon my (mostly) anonymous readers, leaving them stranded in a sea of unironic listicles, meaningless se…

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Sidewalk Chalk

“Did I offend you in some way?” – This is how my latest therapist led her email to me when I didn’t schedule a follow-up visit to my first. I’ve always believed that the most screwed up people get into the business of therapy because they have so much first-hand experience with neurosis.

The first therapist I ever went to was when I was twenty three. I scheduled the appointment to take place after I got off of work, and was told upon booking it that I would be the last appointment.  When I pulled up to the office there were only two cars in the parking lot; one of which was a silver, Mazda sports car with vanity plates that read, “ZOOOOM”, and another which was a white Ford Taurus. Stock plates. When I stepped inside the office, a woman in her mid-forties, who was the receptionist, greeted…

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The vagus nerve, emotions and the difficulty with mindfulness practices

healing from the freeze

“Now, many people who don’t know a lot about trauma think that trauma has something to do with something that happened to you a long time ago. In fact, the past is the past and the only thing that matters is what happens right now. And what is trauma is the residue that a past event leaves in your own sensory experiences in your body and it’s not that event out there that becomes intolerable but the physical sensations with which you live that become intolerable and you will do anything to make them go away.”

Last week, during a two-day deep cleaning/paint prep binge (see the kitchen ceiling to the right!), I listened to a recorded talk by Bessel van der Kolk given at the May 2011 22nd Annual International Trauma Conference. The title of van der Kolk’s title is a mouthful: “Putting neuroplasticity into clinical practice with neurofeedback: rewiring…

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Healing is relationship, healing is radical community building

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Beyond Meds

communityPlants both as food and medicine continue to be an important part of my healing process. I like what Wendell Berry says about herbalism because it’s very much in keeping with the “everything matters” meme I often mention. Everything matters because everything is in relationship with everything else in our environments and our lives. Systems of healing that include herbalism understand this fact. Indigenous and shamanistic cultures understand this fact. We need to return to our roots while embracing and safely utilizing all we’ve learned while we forgot about them too.

Herbalism is based on relationship ~ relationship between plant and human, plant and planet, human and planet. Using herbs in the healing process means taking part in an ecological cycle. This offers us the opportunity consciously to be present in the living, vital world of which we are part; to invite wholeness and our world into our…

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